Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Falling Down the Stairs" from Blank Realm

Brisbane's psychedelic pop group Blank Realm has released "Falling Down the Stairs" from their upcoming album Grassed In, to be released in 2014 via Fire Records.  An energetic slice of slacker pop on a foundation of garage rock organ, I think the track portends very good things for the album.  I even wanted to get up in dance, but then I remembered that I am still at the office.  Oh well, I'll play it again when I get home.

Blank Realm are siblings Daniel, Luke and Sarah Spencer, and Luke Walsh.  They have released records on Fire Records internationally, and Siltbreeze and Bedroom Suck in Australia, including the well-received Go Easy earlier in 2013.


Blank Realm consists of three siblings, Daniel, Luke and Sarah Spencer, and Luke Walsh.

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