Wednesday, October 23, 2013

REVIEW: Galleries - No Miracles

Glasgow's Galleries are a self-described "epic pop" band, and I must say the fellows have a keen sense of what they do: Pop songs on an grand emotional and sonic scale.  And to me, the most remarkable thing about their recent LP, No Miracles, is that it is among the most accessible collection of post-rock songs.  The melodies are engaging, the vocals are excellent (with some inspired falsetto), and the songs are adeptly structured to build to the maximum impact.  This music can be tricky, because it can be overdone or maudlin.  But if you give Galleries a chance to prove their craft to you - and I've made it easy for you with three songs below - I think you'll find that the band has exceptional balance.  Everyone needs some epic pop in their collection, and this album really hits the spot.

Galleries are David Mcadam (vocals/programming), Ross Prentice (guitar), Adam Hall (bass), and Andrew Black (drums).


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Nice! This is why i keep coming back. Every week I discover great stuff here.