Monday, October 14, 2013

New videos from Darren Sylvester, The Ancients and Yonder

Darren Sylvester, The Ancients and Yonder all are bands we recently covered.  We reviewed Darren's album last week (here), and profiled The Ancients (here and here) earlier this fall.  And you may recall that we were very impressed with the self-titled EP from Yonder (here).  They are sharing the stage today because they all have new videos out.  We hope you enjoy.

"Don't Do That to Yourself", by Darren Sylvester.  It is glossy and stylish, like Darren's album -

"Hey Now" from the upcoming Night Bus by The Ancients accents the trippy side of their music -

Here is the video for "Bellwether", a super track by Seattle band Yonder.  It has a New Order/Big Country vibe -

Bellwether - By Yonder from Brian H Barnett on Vimeo.

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