Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NEW SONGS: A Twofer from Fleeting Youth Records - Big Bill and Basketball Shorts EPs on one cassette, out Oct. 29

Austin cassette label Fleeting Youth Records has launched, with a frenetic twofer featuring two Austin pop/punk bands as its first release due out on Oct. 29.

Here's "Temporarily Happy" from Big Bill - starts out with a bit of a surf beat, transitions into a pure punk backbeat, all with a properly snotty vocal and two guitar explosions. That's a lot in 1:41!

Here's "Peter Venkman" from Basketball Shorts - they feature more of the classic Ramones-style singalong vocal harmonies and speed drumming throughout, with some guitar reverb thrown in for good measure. Catchy:

The cassette (and digital version available via Soundcloud or Bandcamp) will feature the complete EP's: Big Bill's A Hard Day's Bill and Basketball Shorts' Total BS.

Fleeting Youth Records website

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