Friday, October 18, 2013

"Help You Be Yourself" by The Good Morrows

Hey everybody, The Good Morrows are back with a new, free song!  Oh, you don't know about The Good Morrows?  Well, you should, so I'll take on the task.  The members of the band are Jarred Scopel (guitar/vocals), Andrew Plisi (guitar/vocals), Liam Skoblar (drums), Steve Acott (bass), and Tim Bass (harmonica/tambourine), and they hail from Melbourne.  In our eyes, their most attractive characteristic is that they play a very tasty '60s-influenced garage and psychedelic guitar pop.  Their secondary attractive characteristic is that they make this music available for free download.  I've embedded their excellent new release, "Help You Be Yourself", below.  I've also included a two track release from earlier this year.  These songs, and others, are available the the Bandcamp and Soundcloud links below.  So please listen and consider adding them to your collection of garage rock.  You do have a collection of garage rock, don't you? No matter - if you don't you can start here.


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