Tuesday, October 29, 2013

REVIEW: Love Migrate - Dissolved EP

Two weeks ago we featured "Dissolved", the title track of the new EP from Melbourne's Love Migrate.  I was quite impressed with the song, and eager to hear the remainder of the record.  And now that I've heard it, I'm happy to report that it does not disappoint.  It begins with "Dissolved", which now has taken its place in my top 20 songs of the year so far.  But the remaining three songs keep pace with the high standard set by the opener.  Guitars chime and jangle over the foundation provided by the keys and rhythm section, accenting the earnest and emotive vocals.  The second and third songs are unhurried and reveal themselves gently, almost with a '70s country rock vibe.  The final track, "Falling Through", is more uptempo and builds to a wonderful conclusion.

I suspect that Dissolved EP will appear on some year-end lists and readers will wonder why they hadn't heard of it before.  Well, you've heard of it now, so you have no excuse.  Stream it below, and don't skip the entirety of the final track.

Love Migrate is Eddie Alexander, Casey Harnett, Eric Moore, Pete Sismanes, and Joe Walker.  The Dissolved EP is available via Flightless Records.

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Edoc said...

Lovely. Positively lovely. Looking forward to diving into their records. Love the vocals.