Thursday, October 10, 2013

REVIEW: The Pure Conjecture - Gendres

The music of The Pure Conjecture conjures soul stylings of Philadelphia soul, '70s soft rock, surf rock, show tunes and various other influences between then and now.  It is a musical canvas painted in bright colors.  Yes, it is a trip back in time, albeit with some updated lyrical touches.  But it was thoroughly enjoyable on their 2012 record Courgettes, and the joy is reignited for the current release Gendres.  Proceedings kick off with the jangling guitar pop of "Roadworks On Memory Lane".  Following tracks include a surf instrumental, a '50s pop tune performed through a dream pop filter ("I Just Want You to Love Me"), a song featuring Latin rhythms and tinkling piano keys ("Mr. Tong"), a funky R&B track ("Midnight Dancing") and a soulful soft rock song ("I Thought I'd Get Along With You").  The songs are adeptly constructed -- they make their point and don't overstay their welcome.  You can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link below, and I suggest you sample any and all of the aforementioned tracks.

The backstory of the project is interesting.  The Pure Conjecture is fronted by UK vintner Matt Eaton, and consists of ten musicians from other bands such as British Sea Power and Electric Soft Parade (a more complete listing of the cast is provided below).  It is pop music for grown-ups with a sense of humor and an appreciation for various styles of musical expression.  Try it below.

The additional musicians are Martin Noble (British Sea Power), Thomas and Alex White (Electric Soft Parade / Brakes), Johny Lamb (Thirty Pounds Of Bone), Marc Beatty (Brakes / The Tenderfoot), Darren Moon (The Tenderfoot), Steve Grainger (nada / Elevator Suite), Julian Baker (Notable Saxophonist) and rogue Scotsman Andrew Mitchell (The Hazey Janes).

Gendres is out now via Armellodie Records.

Armellodie Records

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