Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zebra Hunt - "Only Way Out" / "Get Along" 7"

Zebra Hunt is, in my view, one of the three or four best bands in Seattle at this point.  Of course, playing a garage pop style with clear influences from the Flying Nun bands, the Go-Betweens and the '60s does give a band a head start in climbing to the forefront of my consciousness.  The trio released the excellent Beaches EP earlier this year (review here), and have followed it up with a two-track single "Only Way Out" / "Get Along" on Madrid label Tenorio Cotoblade.  Some of you may be wondering why a label in Madrid for a Seattle band, but I wouldn't overthink it.  The label did a nice job for the Ginnels release recently, and this record is available in digital form from the Bandcamp link below as well as on 7" vinyl.

Zebra Hunt is Mitch Leffler (drums), Erik Bennett (bass) and Robert Mercer (guitar/vocals).


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