Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Drove Down" by Full Ugly

Life isn't always straightforward.  Some things that are labeled ugly, aren't ugly.  For example, Melbourne band Full Ugly.  And while we are on that topic, I'll point out that Bedroom Suck Records doesn't suck.  At all.  Of course, opinions should be backed up.  So here is "Drove Down", a decidedly un-ugly tune with catchy hooks, country-tinged vocals and delightful chord progressions.  And it is out on Bedroom Suck Records.  The physical 7" will be available in September (pre-order here).  If I understand correctly, an album is in the works, and I will boldly predict that it will neither be ugly nor suck.  There, I said it and you can hold my feet to the fire on it.

Bedroom Suck Records

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