Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"You're Lonely" from Die Mason Die

Londoner Samuel Mason has had a more varied geographical existence than most of us.  The 21-year-old was born in Wales and raised in Australia.  In 2011 he was part of a party of 12 that traveled from London to Sydney on a double-decker bus (I'm guessing a boat was involved at some point, but what do I know - I'm a lawyer).  A travel documentary regarding the trip is planned for later this year.  During that trip Mason also began working on songs for his project which became Die Mason Die.  An EP was released last fall, and the single "You're Lonely" will be released September 9 by London label Young & Lost Club.  Mason has a beautiful, distinctive voice and an assured performance style.  Combined with good songwriting, this is an artist to watch.  And this single may be a good way to begin.

And by way of background, here is a previous song.  There are more at the Soundcloud link below.

Die Mason Die are Samuel Mason (guitar, vocals), Stefan Ferguson (guitar, vocals), George Cramer (bass), and Dave Wade Brown (drums).

Young and Lost Club

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