Sunday, August 11, 2013

"I Want More of You" by Pruno Truman

"I Want More of You" -- well, sure.  And I want more Pruno Truman.

Heidi Alexander is a golden-throated member of The Sandwitches and The Fresh and Onlys, and is a well respected member of the San Francisco indie scene.  Empty Cellar records has released Amigos, a limited edition cassette EP of Heidi's solo work as Pruno Truman.  A sister cassette called Drunk With Friends recently was released by Southpaw Records.

"I Want More of You" from Amigos is one of those perfect late-night listening treats.  The lo-fi production, stately tempo and reverbed guitar beg for repeated listens; I think I'm at five as I type this sentence.  If this is an example of Pruno Truman, I need more Pruno Truman in my life.  And of course I don't think Heidi is suggesting she wants more of me, I'm not stupid.  But with the right soundtrack, a guy can dream.

Empty Cellar Records Bandcamp for Amigos

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