Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reverberation Radio #75

The folks at Reverberation Radio have mined more musical gems for us.  This week's selection include 60's  psychedelic garage out of Kansas, contemporary garage rock from Milan, a Brasilian who has spent the past 50 years alternating between pop star and serious jazz artist, a cut from the Bee Gee's greatest album  - 1969's Odessa (listen to the entire album here), the godfather of Turkish rock, 70's Spanish diva a pop super star Jeanette, Eddie Grant's (Electric Avenue) first band the Equals, southern blue-eyed soul royalty Joe South.  Click on the links if you want to learn more about the individual artists.

1. The Blue Things - High Life

2. Bristols - She’s Gone Away

3. Chico Buarque - Funeral De Um Lavrador (Alt. Version)

4. The PeΔrls - Shine A Light

5. Bee Gees - Never Say Never Again (Demo Version)
6. Erkin Koray - Cumbar Cemaat
7.  Jeanette- Por Que Te Vas?
8. Equals - Can’t Find A Girl To Love Me
9. Arthur Joly - Os Sete Banditos
10. PEAKING LIGHTS - Hey Sparrow
11. Joe South - Untie Me

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