Thursday, August 8, 2013

Introducing: Day Ravies

Ray Davies are a jangling shoegaze/dream pop quartet from Sydney.  Their LP, Tussle, is being prepared for October release via hometown label Popfrenzy.  Here is the video, and stream, for "I Don't Mind", the first single from the album.  The combination of shoegaze and sweet vocals is a winner in my mind.

Here is a track from their 2012 EP, which is available on Bandcamp for "name your price".

Day Ravies are Sam Wilkinson, Matt Nev, Caroline de Dear and Lani Crooks.  Their upcoming gig dates are as follows:
Sun, Aug 11 – Midnight Special, Sydney, NSW [6pm, free, single launch]
Thurs, Aug 22 – Grace Darling, Melbourne, VIC [w/Parading, Footy + Melbourne Cans]
Fri, Aug 23 – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC [w/Lowtide, The Stevens + Zone Out]
Fri, Aug 30 – Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney, NSW [w/Lowtide, East River + Black Springs]


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We gave Day Ravies album a review over at Happy... check it out here!!