Saturday, August 17, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Live performance from Horsehands on BTR Live: "Knots of Windsor" and Interview

Horsehands is a heavy prog/blues rock outfit with an intriguing vocal approach from Boston, MA. We've featured them before - their album Righty was the focus (WYMA post here). I find, in the bass/drum/guitar interplay, echoes of the great Minutemen. The songs are longer and there's definitely more of a prog element, but this is hard, tough and fast like the Minutemen always were. But maybe they're a little harder to pin down than I make it sound. The interviewer on this video asks them about Rush... (like I said, a bit of a prog element).

This video is from BTR Live Studio (BreakThru Radio) and we like their work, too - having featured a live in-studio performance and interview from Tablets (WYMA post here).

BTRLive Studio website

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