Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Steinbecks - At Arkaroo Rock 7" EP

Fans of the indie guitar pop of Josh and Joel Meadows received a welcome present last year with the release of the retrospective of The Sugargliders (review here).  However, until this week The Steinbecks -- the band that The Sugargliders were disbanded to specifically form -- hadn't issued a recording since 2007.  In my view, the Melbourne band's return to the studio displays the same craftsmanship and inspiration that earned them fans in previous decades.  Yes, fans will not mind the wait for the three-track At Arkaroo Rock 7" at all.

One of the delightful things about this band is that they have the confidence to eschew the big "we're back" statement.  The record begins with the relaxed vibe of the title track, a gently-voiced but melancholy relationship commentary over a sparse guitar and bubbling bass accompaniment.  "All Desires Known" changes the atmosphere with a dark-tinged folk arrangement.  The record closes with "Cabin Fever", the most upbeat and pop-oriented song of the batch.  An insecure band might have started with "Cabin Fever", but it seems that The Steinbecks know their audience.

At Arkaroo Rock 7" is released by Matinee Recordings, and is available as in vinyl plus an mp3 download (limited to 100 copies) or a digital download.

You have two streaming alternatives here.  The first is the lead track; the second is a stream of all three tracks on the 7".

And there is a bit more good news for fans.  A new LP,  Kick to Kick with The Steinbecks, is planned for release later this year.

Matinee Recordings page for record

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