Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Califone - "Stitches" video and Living Room Tour to support Stitches, out Sept 3

Califone has a new album coming, Stitches, and "haunting" and "beautiful" are the first two adjectives that come to mine. The album is due out September - so we'll post more later. For now, the band is doing its second living room tour, booked with the help of Undertow music. These shows really do take place in living rooms more often than not. They're intimate affairs usually limited to 30-60 people. No tickets are sold at the door, and you have to buy a ticket online in advance to get the address of the show. This is the second such tour that Califone has done. This one is starting out West, working its way east and then back out to Colorado. You can find out more info about the shows and Undertow at this link.

Here's a creative video you can view - using Califone's Tumblr as vehicle and image source  (click on the link and then click on "show us your stitches":

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