Friday, August 23, 2013

REVIEW: Dot Dash - Half-Remembered Dream

Dot Dash have found a sweet spot.  And with the recent release of Half-Remembered Dream, they have hit that spot squarely three times in two years.  With that kind of accuracy we can only hope that they never stop, and never slow down.  The bulls eye for this band is a brand of power pop infused with some C86 sweetness and then played by pros who know their way around a punk rock song.  So the listener is treated to wistful and introspective lyrics, with plenty of background oohs and aahs, while the guitars jangle, ring, chime and chug and the propulsive rhythm section takes no prisoners and tolerates no foot-dragging.  Moreover, Half-Remembered Dream reflects improvements in what was already a winning recipe.  First, it seems to me that the vocals are more consistent, confident and emotive.  Second, the production seems crisper.  Third, to my delight the rhythm section, especially the bass, is high in the mix.  This gives the songs an immediacy, forward drive, and depth.  This album may be the best combination of melody, volume and pace that you will encounter this year, and it is highly recommended.

The band has generously allowed us to post a song for our readers to download.  Enjoy "(Here's to) the Ghosts of the Past" --

Track two, "Hands of Time", isn't a slow burner, but it is as close to mid-tempo as we get on this album and it showcases the band's range.  "Bloom/Decay", "11th Hour, and "Do Re Mi" anchor the album with fist pumping power pop.  The latter is a particularly well constructed track, beginning with a drum and bass rumble, then transitioning to jangle pop and then again into driving power pop --

And because it is my review, I can choose to embed one of my favorites from the album.

Dot Dash is Terry Banks (guitar/vocals), Bill Crandall (guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass), and Danny Ingram (drums), and they are based in the Washington, D.C. area.  The album was recorded in Baltimore, and is released by Canadian label The Beautiful Music.  You can buy the album from the label, or download it from Bandcamp or iTunes/Amazon.

The Beautiful Music (label) link for album
iTunes link for album

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