Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Bleached - "Searching Through the Past" from Ride Your Heart (and on tour through fall 2013)

California surf/punk/doo-wop duo Bleached released Ride Your Heart back in April, and it's one of my favorite records of 2013 (WYMA review here). They've released a few videos and have another one out this week for "Searching Through the Past".

Don't know what is my favorite thing about this song. The vocal sure is terrific... it's got just a bit of a country/rockabilly lilt to it and they sort of drew back on the reverb that's present on a lot of the other songs. The guitars? Heck yeah, especially the little solo at about 1:45 or so. The way they play together and seem to really enjoy one another's company? I suspect that informs the music more than is apparent at first glance... they clearly love what they're doing and it shows all over.

Here's a nice little lyric/picture video you can enjoy while you decide what's your favorite thing about it. Let me know.

They've got US and European tour dates coming up - starting this week. Read more and listen at their sites.

Bleached website
Dead Oceans

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