Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NEW SONG: Classroom Battles - "Call to Arms"

Balancing catchy electronic synth pop with soulful vocals, Classroom Battles (whose members reside between Ireland, France and The U.S.) has released this video for lead track "Call to Arms":

The band consists of Martin Clancy, Tigrane Minassian (lead vocalist, star of the video), Trish Kavanaugh and Vasileios Gourgourinis. Clancy is a former member of Witness Protection Programme. Kavanaugh shares thoughts about the interplay in their writing together: “Being Irish, I cannot write anything without telling a story. And Tigrane, being French, adds a very romantic and sometimes even strange approach to the writing. So our songs tend to have strong meaning. Some even have characters who we could recite their whole life story up to the point where the song takes place.”

And the story behind the video, as detailed by Minassian: “The cake represents all the things we’d like to do but never find the time or nerve to. The diner where he’s cooking represents all the things we have to do regardless of our dreams. In the end, we need both. We just have to find a balance, and even though that might ruffle some feathers, the result is most definitely worthwhile.”

This song is out now, the full EP This Week's Question is due out in September.

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