Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Crazy", debut from Model Aeroplanes

Around 18 years old with the world to conquer, Dundee, Scotland's Model Aeroplanes play energetic guitar pop that may remind the listener of Born Ruffians, Bombay Bicycle Club and even Vampire Weekend.  Their first proper single, "Crazy", will be released digitally on September 16, and it is packed with hooks and riffs that likely, and justifiably, will earn them fans.  More of their songs can be found on their Soundcloud page (link below) and the evidence says that they have the talent to back up the buzz from the single.  We'll be watching; and listening.

Model Aeroplanes are Ben Buist (bass), Grant Irvine (guitar), Kieran Smith (drums) and Rory Fleming-Stewart  (vocals/guitar).  They will be touring the UK this fall.



Anonymous said...

They're good live, but I feel they're over hyped a bit. Solid indie land fill, nothing wrong with it of course, just nothing new.

Vic said...

Only young lads that have a real passion about what they do. The rest of the Scottish music industry could learn a thing or two from them..

Anonymous said...

True Vic. I hope they do well, but I think they need to strike something truly fresh - give the feeling that the Arctic Monkey's first album did, - a fresh, fairly new sound