Friday, May 31, 2013

NEW SONG: Mount Fabric - "Salamander"

Mount Fabric is a post-rock band from Manchester, UK with soaring synths and falsetto vocals, a really pretty sound. The band consists of Alex Marczak - Vocals / Guitars / Keys / Violin / Clarinet, Joel Godfrey - Guitars / Keys / Backing Vocals, Duncan Robjohns - Bass and Ryan Cowburn - Drums / Percussion.

Here's their new single, "Salamander":

Mount Fabric - Salamander - Official Music Video from Mount Fabric on Vimeo.

Here's previous single "Heuristic Fits":

Maybe a little more New Order lean on that one... well, it's not that dark, but I think the vocals have a similar affect.

Mount Fabric will be launching the new single live at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge on June 5th, supporting Canadian-Korean-Singaporean three-piece (and WYMA favorite) Bored Spies. And they're offering a free download of the song at their website:

Mount Fabric Website

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