Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kenny Feinstein - Loveless: Hurts To Love, a classic re-interpreted

Kenny Feinstein is the front man for Portland, OR band Water Tower - described as bluegrass punk. That's intriguing enough on its own but check out his current solo project, a full album cover of the My Bloody Valentine classic Loveless, titled Loveless: Hurts To Love, on Portland-based Fluff & Gravy Records later this year. He and his producer recruited Richard Buckner to help with the project, and that was plenty enough to get my attention. For now, here are a couple of samples of the music.

Here is the video for "What You Want":

And you can listen to "Loomer" at this link, courtesy of AV Club.

Feinstein has been talking about the record, and his process: "The goal was to play along on acoustic guitar with the record and have whatever part I created work perfectly with the original album.  I then realized I needed to share this with the world to help everyone understand this album," he says of his motivation behind the project.

"I forced myself to listen to Loveless over and over because I did not understand it.  I was confused by the sounds coming from it," says Feinstein of his initial reaction to the album.  "Finally, when listening to 'Loomer' while driving around a mall in Fort Lauderdale I had an epiphany during the chorus.  I could not tell if the sound was being made by a human, a synth, a guitar, a bass or anything, but I did not care, all I could gather was that it was the most blissful sound I had ever heard."

This is a pretty amazing piece of music - it's one of those acoustic albums that manages to really embody a rock & roll spirit - think of Neil Young's early acoustic stuff, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, and a lot of Buckner's work. I'm impressed and looking forward to listening to this in the days ahead. Stay tuned.

Kenny Feinstein website

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