Saturday, May 4, 2013

Overseas is a WYMA Supergroup!!! S/T album due out June 11 - pre-order (and buy download) now

Overseas is Will Johnson of Centro-matic, David Bazan (formerly Pedro the Lion) and Matt and Bubba Kadane (The New Year, Bedhead). Having raved about Bazan's most recent solo record Strange Negotiations (WYMA review here), and pretty much everything Johnson, Centro-matic and South San Gabriel have released (example: my 2011 Top 25 here), I am far from partial on this matter... but your independent research for this record will be simple and pleasant. Bazan and Johnson each take five vocals, and the songs are wonderful.

Fortunately for you, it's possible to visit their website now and hear one song from each: "Ghost to Be" from Johnson, which is slow-building and majestic (somewhat reminiscent of Mogwai) with vocals that, as always with him, get right to the heart; and "Down Below" from Bazan, which is upbeat, with some pretty aggressive guitars and his distinctive vocals.

Here's a video for "Ghost to Be":

This video was done by Kevin McAlester, who directed the Roky Erickson documentary You're Gonna Miss Me.

The physical cd/lp will be out June 11, but you can pre-order and get a download right now.

Buy at Undertow Music Collective

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