Tuesday, May 21, 2013

REVIEW: French Films - White Orchid

Finland's French Films have the big college rock sound - up-tempo, big hooks, guitars set on reverb and high in the mix, a carpet of synths and choruses that soar to the rafters.  There are a lot of similarities with Paisley Scotland's Close Lobsters, and any band that favorably compares to Close Lobsters is A-OK with me.  It is a sound I love, and I usually have a band that delivers it in my music rotation.  Right now, I'm getting my dose from White Orchid.  I think you'll understand my affection for the music when you listen to "Latter Days".  Turn up the sound, that's what anthems like this are for.

White Orchid seems made for wide open spaces, outdoors in the back yard, road trips with the wind down, sitting under the stars at night.  If you demand an album with multiple styles and changes of pace, this is not the one for you.  I recall only one slow number and overall the song structures and sound are similar.  But if, like me, you love this sound, there may be no better representation of it this year.

French Films are Johannes Leppänen (guitar/vocals), Joni Kähkönen (guitar/vocals), Santtu Vainio (keyboards), Antti Inkiläinen (drums), and Tuomas Asanti (bass).  The album is out now on GAEA Booking & Records.

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