Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sparrow and the Workshop - Murderopolis

It seems to me that Murderopolis, the third album from Glasgow's Sparrow and the Workship, is the sound of a band transitioning from a folk band to a rock band.  That isn't to say that the country folk noir foundations have been abandoned - the trio still is interested in telling you a story, usually with a dark theme.  But but this album is a noisier, more aggressive set of songs.  The eleven tracks are divided into the five-track A side and the six-track B side, and while I think the entire album is strong, I think I preferred the B side.  "Avalanche of Lust" matches a great title with a great song, and as for "The Glue That Binds Us", I'm drawn to a pop song the major passage in which is 'I don't like you anyway, I don't need you in my life'.

"Shock Shock" was the first single from the album.  The chunky, almost Gothic, riffs play off with Jill O'Sullivan's high register vocals.  Take it as a sign, Sparrow and the Workshop march to their own beat.

The band are Jill O'Sullivan (vocals, guitar, violin), Gregor Donaldson (drums, vocals), and Nick Packer (bass, slide guitar, basstard).

Here is the feral second single, "The Faster You Spin".  And yes, the chorus seems to be shouting "fame whore" --

Murderopolis was released on May 27 on Edinburgh's Song by Toad Records.

Song by Toad Records

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