Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Bats are coming to the US

For the benefit of our US readers, I will once again mention that The Bats are venturing from New Zealand this summer.  Here are the dates and locations.  I'm happy, because there is a Seattle stop, and our Portland contributor, Jim, is happy because there is a Portland stop.  If the local dates were on a weekend we probably would watch together, but despite the high pay associated with indie music blogging, we have day jobs, so travel isn't feasible.

The Bats are one of my top five favorite band, so I sometimes forget that not everyone is familiar with their charms.  Here is a new video for one of the songs on their 2011 album, Free All the Monsters (our review here), which was my top album of 2011.

And here is another of the many great tracks from that album --



Jim Desmond said...

This is a big deal! So big that even my wife, who is not a night owl and rarely attends club shows, is excited. Cannot wait for this show. Bunk Bar happens to be my favorite bar in Portland too.

Edoc said...

Going to see them in Hoboken NJ, where I was also fortunate enough to see The Clean play a couple of years ago.