Wednesday, May 22, 2013

REVIEW: Club 8 - Above the City

Sweden's Club 8 is Johan Angergard and Karolina Komstedt.  They've been making music together for nearly two decades, and they owe that longevity to remaining consistent in quality while exploring ways to vary their sound to delight their audience.  Their latest effort is Above the City, a fourteen track album presented in three stylistically distinct acts.  The first act consists of four tracks of the clean electro-pop often associated with Swedish pop music.  The first and fourth tracks are more dream pop, while tracks two and three,  "Stop Taking My Time" and "You Could Be Anybody", respectively, are made for the late night dance floor.

The second set is playful and summery, even tropical in feel.

The third act shifts a bit into pop and rock anthems.  It may be the least consistent stylistically of the three sections, but it has undeniable charm.  Here is the album closer --

Above the City is out now on Labrador Records.

Labrador Records

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