Monday, May 27, 2013

REVIEW: Saturday Looks Good to Me - One Kiss Ends It All

After working on several noisier projects, Fred Thomas has resurrected Saturday Looks Good to Me for another foray into updated '60s pop.  One Kiss Ends It All is SLGTM's fifth album since the band was formed in 2000.  Fans of the band will find scant surprises, and will be pleased by that.  Pop fans newly exposed to the band likely will be entertained by the combination of '60s twee and modern production techniques such as the occasional warped vocals.  SLGTM has had a changing cast of players over the years, but the constant is guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Fred Thomas.  Other vocalists for this album include Carol Catherine, Autumn Wetli and Amber Fellows, but two tracks feature former lead vocalist Betty Barnes.  Bassist Scott DeRoche and drummer Ryan Howard also signed on again for this album.

What Thomas and company do so well is a mix of indie twee (think Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian) with a pop sophistication.  It may cause the listener to feel nostalgic, but nostalgia can be a delightful emotion.  And One Kiss Ends It All is a delightful album, and well designed for those summer days ahead.

One Kiss Ends It All was released on May 21 by Polyvinyl Records.

Polyvinyl Records

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