Friday, May 3, 2013

REVIEW: Beaches - She Beats

Ahhh, these Beaches, they are fine Beaches!  They have something that will keep you moving, keep you pounding and leave you wanting more.  They ... [OK, this line of imagery could affect my year-end bonus and my editor is glaring at me.  What a grump -- he's probably never experienced any good beaches.] ...

Quite simply put, Melbourne's Beaches should be huge.  Their sophomore album, She Beats, emerges roaring out rock and roll's universal sweet spot.  Tightly constructed and multi-layered psychedelic and progressive rock with bold riffs and pounding percussion, but with enough hooks to avoid scaring the children.  Why aren't they huge?  I suppose living in the southern hemisphere has something to do with it.  The length of time between their first and second album may be a factor as well.  But the bottom line is that is you love the varied textures on offer from electric guitars handled by musicians with 'the gift', this is an album you cannot ignore.

Here is one of the poppier songs, which is included here both because of its quality, and because the video is wonderful.

And the stream version --

The breadth of the tracks on She Beats is impressive.  The band is as confident laying down prog rock riffs and venturing into Krautrock rhythms as they are with the psychedelic sounds for which they are known.  And while I'm not ordinarily drawn to instrumentals, "Granite Snake" has earned repeated plays from me.

"Distance" is one of the more shoegaze tracks from She Beats --

Beaches are Ali, Al, Antonia, Karla and Gil.  They were formed several years ago.  She Beats was produced by Jack Farley, of Twerps and Scott & Charlene's Wedding.  The album is out now on Chapter Music.

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