Friday, May 31, 2013

Matt LeMay - "Right Jacket Pocket" b/w "If And Or When" - cassette singles out now

Matt LeMay is playing catchy guitar pop that sounds great now, but will also take you back to some of your favorite college rock sounds... and he's been pretty productive - fortunately for us.

In addition to the track above, his 7-song cassette includes two other A/B singles as well as a cover. Here's "A Portrait of the Man":

And here's the b-side of that one, "What Would Change?":

It's just a wonderful, jangly lo-fi bit of guitar pop - reminiscent to me of some of those R.E.M. contemporaries like Let's Active and The Connells, maybe Game Theory - and will sound great with everything else in your record collection.

Okay, look. The reason this is so short is, what business do I have writing a review of music made by a guy who's better at writing about music than I am, too? Check out his website: A Question of Frequency.

Order tapes at Mirror Universe Tapes. It was released earlier this month, so if the cassettes are gone, just buy the downloads at the Bandcamp site.

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