Sunday, May 19, 2013

New French Punk Discovery - Owen Temple Quartet - Rot In The Sun

Owen Temple Quartet is a sort of mysterious entity - a French punk/rockabilly band ostensibly named after a Texas singer/songwriter (although maybe that's just a coincidence), they come across like Nick Cave imitating Jello Biafra, fronting The Blasters and The Gun Club. Or something like that. They have recently released Rot in the Sun, and you are encouraged to pay attention, because this urgent, insistent music will make it worth your while. 

Great stinging guitar work behind the wild vocal abandon on this one, "My Wild Spanish Love":

And here, on "The Remains" they pick up the pace to all-out punk:

It's out on Casbah Records, released earlier this spring and available in electronic and vinyl format. They make 'em in France, but they'll convert it to US$ and ship 'em to the US if you want. Your friends certainly won't have this sucker, but they will want to listen to yours.


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