Monday, May 6, 2013

Introducing: The Wednesday Club


Well, it is Monday, so it must be the right time for The Wednesday Club.  Yes, you heard that right, The Wednesday Club.  If I were really professional about this, I would have waited for Wednesday because, you know, the name includes "Wednesday".  But I like these guys' version of guitar pop, and their sense of humor.  And what if the world ends on Tuesday?

The Wednesday Club is Adam J. Miller, Eddie Max Broady, John Perry and sometimes Jack Rutter.  Adam was in another, now defunct, band called the Manhattan Love Suicides that put out some great Jesus and Mary Chain style music in its short life.  The Wednesday Club project began nearly a decade ago, becoming a band and playing live by 2007.  Apparently, the project is a recording-only venture again (undoubtedly due to the excessive attention of groupies at their live shows).  They have six albums to their credit, the last three of which are on their own label,  Cath 'n' Dad Records.  The three songs below are from their most recent album, Passing Strange.  The album is available on a 'pay what you want' basis at the Bandcamp link below.  But since the proceeds go to the Motor Neuron Disease Association, you may want to consider paying a bit.

By the way, the Cat 'n' Dad label is worth checking out.  The albums are available on a pay what you want basis, with all proceeds going to the artist's charity of choice.

Bandcamp for Passing Strange
Cath 'n' Dad Records

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