Tuesday, May 28, 2013

REVIEW: Free Time - Free Time

What do you think about when the topic of free time comes up?  For most of us, it probably is that we just don't get enough free time.  The topic comes to mind as I contemplate the new self-titled album from Free Time.  For me, how band founder Dion Nania spends his free time has prompted me to spend my precious free time listening to Free Time.  Are we all on the same page here? Good!

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Nania, a Melbourne native, founded Free Time last summer while living in New York.  Although helping out his home town compatriots Twerps and Scott and Charlene's Wedding with their US endeavors, he found the time to write some cracking tunes and recruit Adrienne Humblet (bass), Jonah Maurer (guitar) and Michael Mimoun (drums) to the project.  The resulting album is out today on New Jersey label Underwater Peoples.

Nania's breezy, jangly style is well suited to both happy and melancholy songs, and both are on offer on Free Time.  And the songwriting is impressive.  The melodies are uncluttered and engaging, and the emotions expressed efficiently and without undue sweetness or bitterness. These are songs that become part of your day and you are happy to have them around.

For me, and I expect for most listeners, the showcase song is the opening track "I Lost Again".  The accompanying video is a great representation of what a music fan experiences when the earphones go over the ears.  But I've included the Soundcloud clip below as the band has made the song available for download from that service.

Free Time - I Lost Again from Chocolate Bobka on Vimeo.

"Nothing But Nice" is the breezy first single from Free Time.  I think it well demonstrates the fresh sound of the band.

Underwater Peoples

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