Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Night Beds - "Ramona" from Country Sleep - and Summer US Tour Information

Night Beds is Nashville resident Winston Yellen, and he's just released his debut album Country Sleep. He's got a terrific voice, and is making gentle country rock that really showcases his singing. It's a bit reminiscent of solo Jim James, a gentler version of My Morning Jacket. I would say anybody who enjoys The Shins and Fleet Foxes ought to check this out.

Here's "Ramona" - it just sounds like a hit to me, with the upbeat intro, the gently layered vocals in the quiet chorus, and the way it builds back up to a full country-rock sound. Just beautiful:

Here's an amazing vocal by Yellen - "Even If We Try":

And a download of "22" is available via the label, Dead Oceans - click here.

Night Beds will be making their way around the country, starting with a show in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge May 24 - full tour information here.

Night Beds at Dead Oceans

Night Beds Facebook

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