Monday, May 20, 2013

Cherri Fosphate - Burning Youth EP

On their new Burning Youth EP, Glasgow's Cherri Fosphate demonstrates that they are worth marking down as a band to which attention should be paid.  Not that I'm first to this party, as a little investigation shows that they have already attracted the attention of influential DJs in their home country.  Why the buzz?  Dual guitars, up-tempo songs and a willingness to let a crack rhythm section standout make these four tracks a winning package.  Below we have the video for the lead track, a stream and free download for "Wool", and a stream of the final track, "Kerry Rogers".

Cherrie Fosphate is Jonathan Sharpe, Alan Robinson, Jordan Lannigan and Sonny Kainth.
Burning Youth EP is out now on CTN Records.


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