Friday, May 24, 2013

REVIEW: King Tuff - Was Dead

The heart of garage rock beats strongly in King Tuff, and the proof is spread out over the glorious 35 minutes of Was Dead, his highness' new LP on Burger Records.  That means the songs are loose, lo-fi, and rocking, with plenty of sunshine and an emphasis on melody.  It means that this album isn't intended to attract hipsters, musicologists, or writers who deconstruct lyrics and plot career arcs.  This album is for rock and roll heads from all fringes of the scene.  We can dance to it, howl to it, and share it with fellow travelers.

For those that are confused, King Tuff (Kyle Thomas) released an album on Sub Pop last year, but Was Dead isn't a follow up album.  The the songs here originally were released in 2008 on an album that suffered from a very limited pressing.  With the help of Burger Records, the songs became "reanimated" and released as Was Dead.  And we are very fortunate that they have done so.  The songs on this album stand shoulder to shoulder with last year's release, and in some instances surpass it.  It would have been a real loss if the songs had remained in the grave.

With melodic sensibilities, personality, swagger and serious songwriting chops, King Tuff is a guy to watch, and Was Dead is an album to own.

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