Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reverberation #60

It's Wednesday and time to lock your ears on another tasty edition of my favorite regular curated playlist - Reverberation Radio,  The first cut is from the soundtrack of the eponymous movie "Werewolves on Wheels."  The movie was an outdoor theater fixture in the mid 70's.  I saw it at the Starlite along with "Revenge of the Cheerleaders".  To be perfectly honest, I remember little of the movie and even less about the soundtrack. My overriding memory is that the werewolves would have been no match for the cheerleaders.  The Ceyleib People include a youthful Ry Cooder.  John Martyn was an acoustic guitar god. Decades of alcoholism and addiction prevented him from achieving true greatness.  

Enjoy a 32 minute sonic break from your work-a-day world.

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