Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Nuggets - "Laugh Laugh" The Beau Brummels

We have a couple great videos for this week. The year is 1964, the British Invasion is sweeping the nation and all over America, garage bands are trying their best to mine that Beatles sound. And in San Francisco, a band called the Beau Brummels hits it big with "Laugh, Laugh".  Their lead singer's name, we'll assume it's real, was Sal Valentino, and how can you possibly top that for a lead singer name? 
There are many great videos of this one out there, but of course because we love and respect our loyal followers here at WYMA so much, we are going with the one where Sammy Davis Jr does the introduction. Yes, you read that right, Sammy frickin' Davis Jr.:    

However the audio on that clip leaves a bit to be desired so we'll give you one more amazing video, a true period piece, featuring two women who set a standard for female personality types to this day. From the Abbadabba Broadcasting Company:

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