Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Prog/Punk Discovery: WTCHS - "Mr. Hands" b/w Thoughts On Air - "Harness"

WTCHS is another act we've come across from Canada (Hamilton, to be specific) - with an urgent, lo-fi heavy rock sound. Check out "Mr. Hands" - available as a free download on a 2-track single with a track from another band. Here's the WTCHS track:

And here's "Harness" by Thoughts On Air - it's slow-build art rock with a lo-fi element that is pretty endearing:

And, finally, here's a previous WTCHS track, "Adult Crimes" - 

This is terrific stuff - WTCHS would have fit in well with Fugazi or 

More WTCHS from Buzz Records.

More Thoughts On Air from Perdu.

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