Monday, January 28, 2013

Introducing: Bored Spies

One tactic for keeping on top of good emerging music is to pay attention to what bands you like are paying attention to.  And paying attention to what members of bands you follow do when they aren't with those bands.  Recently John advised me that the twitter feed for a Singapore band I follow, Obedient Wives Club, stated that their guitarist, Cherie Ko, was releasing a single with her project Bored Spies.  Knowing that the hardworking Ms. Ko (who also has a solo project called Pastelpower) was involved in the band was sufficient reason for me to track down the release.  The fact that one of the members may be named Panther was also a good reason (I didn't have time to look for my copy of the Blog's rules, but there may be a rule that we have to profile any band with a female vocalist and a bass player named Panther; and if we don't have such a rule, we should).

By the way, the full band is Cherie Ko (guitar, vocals and keys), Orestes Morfin (drums) and Panther Lau (bass).  Another source states that the band consists of Ko, Morfin and Sooyoung Park.  Apparently the members hail from Singapore, Korea and Canada.

The A-side of the single is "Summer 720".  The track begins with crunchy, psychedelic guitar and then transitions to a summery, mid-tempo pop track featuring Cherie's sweet vocals.  The B-side is "沙鼠E", which is an atmospheric dream pop tune that gathers steam very nicely over its three minute run.  With this slim introduction, familiarity with Ko's prior work, and the knowledge that they have been invited to play a Spain's Primavera Sound Festival in May,  I'll score this band as one to watch.  But even if you aren't inclined to track bands, this single stands on its own merits.

Twitter ( @boredspies )
Facebook for Pastelpower
Facebook for Obedient Wives Club


Anonymous said...

Pssst... let you in on a secret. Panther Lau is actually Sooyoung Park. Both Park & Morfin were also from Bitch Magnet, & Park also fronted Seam.

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

Thanks for the information, although I'm mildly disappointed that he isn't a real panther.