Sunday, July 7, 2013

REVIEW: Twin Peaks - Sunken

College football fans know that the corridors of Chicago-area high schools are a second home to college football recruiters.  Perhaps the music industry should take the hint.  ("I like your fingers, kid. You've got quickness you just can't coach.  I'd live to see you in a Sony sponsored soft drink advert ...").  It won't work for everyone in the industry.  Due to a misunderstanding about a punch bowl and a bottle of Everclear at my senior prom, I'm not exactly welcome in secondary institutions.  But Autumn Tone Records seems to have torn a page from the pigskin recruiters.  We very recently covered The Orwells, Chicago-area kids recently out of high school who have just released their second record on Autumn Tone.  And we're coming right back to you with the even younger Twin Peaks, who are releasing their eight-track album Sunken via Autumn Tone on July 9.

Ace purveyors of fuzzy garage anthems, Twin Peaks chugs, shreds and, quite simply, gets the old blood racing through the veins.  But don't dismiss them as one dimensional.  The performances betray excellent musicianship and the layered arrangements indicate a band that is both serious and sophisticated about their craft.  My guess is that the band's versatility is one of the attributes that will help them survive in this business.  Four teenagers who can convincingly shake the garage walls and then knock out a note perfect slice of fuzz that approaches dream pop are guys that I think we can expect to thrill us for years in the future.

Twin Peaks - Fast Eddie from RYAN OHM ▲ on Vimeo.

Twin Peaks is Cadien, Clay, Connor and Jack.

Autumn Tone Records

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