Friday, July 12, 2013

New Stoner Skater Rock Discovery: Jovontaes - Roll The Dice

I don't know what the connection is between Portland, OR and Lexington, KY but it's a good thing there is one. Recently Gnar Tapes (Portland's hard-working slacker rock label) sent us a great record from Lexington's Street Gnar, and now they've sent Roll The Dice, a new tape from Jovontaes, credited as a "mysterious and prolific psychedelic skate burner unit from the minty hot streets of Lexington, KY", and Gnar describes it as music "made by skater stoner weirdos for skater stoner weirdos." Or just about anybody who appreciates rock that both rolls and slows its roll. I'm telling you, this will absolutely grow on you. The pounding drums with a punk backbeat, the surf or slashing psychedelic guitars, it's calculated to put you in a great mood, with or without any enhancement.

Here's "Burto Fernl":

Here's "Know the Now" - definitely echoes of Dick Dale:

Great surf or party jams, or just good listening... and this is just one of several good Gnar/Burger projects we've seen this summer.

Gnar Tapes
Burger Records

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