Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New EP from Turnpike Glow - Fünke Pop

Turnpike Glow is an Italian/UK guitar rock band we have featured on WYMA before (WYMA review here). Founders Giuseppe La Mela (vocals/bass/keys) and Sandro Schiena (vocals/guitar/keys) are joined by Anthony J. Hutchinson (drums) and Tom P. Griffiths (guitar/backing vocals), and the group's wildly creative, eclectic, try-anything approach reflects both the band members' creativity and the variety in their backgrounds.

They're back with a new EP, Fünke Pop (named after Tobias, as they are Arrested Development fans) and it features more of their upbeat rhythms and all kinds of guitars - skittering leads, afro-pop influenced runs and even some electric guitar solos. The vocals are somewhat reminiscent of other European pop bands like Phoenix, or in places the psychedelic approach of the namesakes of this track, "Her Flaming Lips":

Explaining the inspiration of this song, Schiena said: “The story of this girl is essentially the way The Flaming Lips’ music and live shows make us feel. There’s a really powerful message of love that comes across when you listen to their songs or attend one of their shows, which we wanted to capture in this song.” I think the spirit of the Flaming Lips is also captured in the EP's opening cut "Heels In Madrid", a song about enjoying being lost in a great city.

The record was released last week (July 2) and they've made it available to stream or buy at Bandcamp.

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