Saturday, July 6, 2013

Introducing: Lost Ghosts, with free download

Lost Ghosts are a new four-piece from Glasgow, comprised of music students who met at school and in the city's thriving music scene.  It is difficult to tell much about a group's influences or direction from one song.  But based on "Tunnels", we can determine that Lost Ghosts can write and perform an excellent song, and that their lead singer is deserving of a wide audience.  The interplay of the synths and guitar provides a '80s touch to my ears, which is not a bad thing.  And with the loud/soft dynamic, changes of tempo, strong melodic elements, and build to a rousing finish, the song is a carnival of delightful pieces artfully woven together.

"Tunnels" is out now.  You can stream it below, and download it for free.

Lost Ghosts are Gabriella Biazotti (vocals/synth/violin), Gary Carlton (drums/percussion/backing vocals), Derek Connor (guitar/synth), and Daniel Young (bass/backing vocals).


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