Tuesday, July 30, 2013

REVIEW: Heaven - Telepathic Love

With today's release of Telepathic Love Brooklyn's Heaven have made their claim to be heirs to  Ride, and Spaceman 3 and The Jesus and Mary Chain in the Scottish act's more melodic moments.  The group is comprised of Matt Sumrow (Dean and Britta, Comas, and Ambulance LTD), Mikey Jones (Swervedriver, Big Sleep, and Snowden), and Ryan Lee Dunlap (Fan-Tan).  Sumrow and Jones have played together in Bolts of Melody, the project of Swervedriver's Adam Franklin.  This band is an opportunity for the guys to fulfill their shared musical visions.

And that vision is characterized by dense, melodic guitars, mid-tempo rhythms, vaguely druggy atmosphere and hushed, understated vocals.  Reverb, drone and fuzz are in good supply, but so is skill with pop melodies.  Thus, despite the classically heavy shoegaze/psychedelic sound, the songs remain accessible.  The result is a very promising debut.

My recommended tracks are "Colors In The Whites Of Your Eyes", "Telepathic Love", "Mountains Move", and "Once the Heartache".

Telepathic Love is out today on Goodnight Records.

Goodnight Record's Bandcamp page for the album


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Edoc said...

Good find! I like their pedigrees.