Sunday, July 28, 2013

New tracks from LUNGS "Faraway" b/w "Loner" - listen now, release date July 29

LUNGS is a British dream pop band, the project of former Guillemots guitarist MC Lord Magrão and vocalist Suzie Blake. They're due to release a 2-track single, ‘Faraway / Loner’ on July 29.

Here's "Faraway" - dreamy, really beautiful and kind of languidly paced. Blake's vocals predominate, and Magrao's soundscape is haunting:

Here's "Loner" - a bit faster-paced, and on this one Blake's vocals are urgent, almost shouted in places:

Looking forward to hearing more from them - and you can learn more, or order the single from Hero Records, at the links below.

Lungs website
Lungs at Hero Records

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