Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Shoegaze Discovery: Your Favorite Enemies - Youthful Dreams of an Old Empire EP

Canadian guitar rock band Your Favorite Enemies have released a 3-song EP, Youthful Dreams of an Old Empire on Hopeful Tragedy Records. They make compelling post-punk rock with psychedelic touches, you might call it shoegaze along the lines of Swervedriver, or just good old indie rock, a la Sonic Youth... whatever you call it, their guitar work, driving rhythm section and strong vocals are impressive on first listen and even more so upon repeated plays.

Here's the video for album track "A View From Within":

Here's "Empire of Sorrows", with a definite Sonic Youth feel at 6:00-plus with several inspired guitar freakouts, it's impressive:

You can learn more, or buy it at their website or Facebook.

Your Favorite Enemies website

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