Tuesday, July 16, 2013

REVIEW: Picnic - The Weather's Fine

Most of our readers probably are not familiar with the music scene in Estonia.  And I suppose that isn't surprising.  However, if you are a dream pop fan, you are well advised to turn your gaze to The Weather's Fine by Picnic.  I think it important at the onset to note that while dream pop may be the best general description for the fine music on this album, the reader should not assume that this is a collection of tracks where the quest for atmosphere results in indistinguishable, albeit lovely, soundscapes.  The songs on this album are distinct, often bold, and contain lovely bits of personality.  It may be a bass line riff here, a percussion line there, or a bold foray by the synths, but this is a set of indie pop songs that stand out collectively and individually.  And soaring over it all is the angelic voice of Marju Taukar.  It is likely -- even fair -- that the superb female vocals will draw comparisons to Cocteau Twins, although to my ears Marju's voice is more grounded than Elizabeth Fraser's.  The band also will remind listeners to Radio Dept. and fellow Estonians Pia Fraus.

Whether relaxing in the back yard or driving under starry skies, this album is perfect for your quieter summer moments.

Picnic is Rivo Järvsoo, Andres Soosaar, Marju Taukar, and they reside in Tallinn, Estonia.  The band was formed in 2006.

The Weather's Fine was released by Shelflife Records (and Seksound in Estonia) in limited edition vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Bandcamp (2010 album)
Shelflife Records page for album

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