Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Forecast/The Way You Think You Look" from Bombers

Birmingham's Bombers aim to conquer your ears.  And they aren't doing it with the fuzzy guitars or blended hip hop/soul of many ob their contemporaries, but rather with a blast of dark, psychedelic post-punk in the form of double A-side "Forecast/The Way You Think You Look".  The release is available in digital form on July 29, but we're featuring it today so you can evaluate and plan your purchase, but mostly because we like it and want to share it with our readers.  The music is energetic, foreboding, and sharp, with throbbing bass lines that drive the songs forward with a sense of purpose.  And it is refreshingly different from much that is out there today.  Try "Forecast" here --

Bombers are Matty Warke (guitar), David Owen (drums), Darren Mullen (bass), and David Duell (guitar/vocals).  I very much want to hear more from these guys.

Twitter ( @bombersband )

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