Friday, July 26, 2013

June 2013 - When You Motor Away Spotify Playlists

The music is always playing in the back ground at my house.  I assume it is the same for my fellow bloggers and many of you.   The playlist for June 2013 is only 454 songs down by nearly 200 songs from last month's list.  The year-to date playlist is 3,254 songs.  Both could be viewed as overwhelming numbers.  Some of our fans have asked the the playlist  to be pared down. We - as a group - have listened to everyone of these songs - and many more which did not make the cut.   If one of us isn't hooked, we don't review the group or the album.

Music is an individual relationship with the muses.  I don't know your muse.  I would not order for you in a restaurant, pick out the clothes you should be wearing, or tell you what books you should read.  Look at our list as a first pass on music we heard and liked this month.  Delete what doesn't hook you  and personalize the list.

Hit play and put  the list on shuffle.  The second Spotify playlist is for the first 6 months of 2013.  Our ears have collectively listened to over 3,200 tracks. A solid summer playlist by anyone's standards. You will automatically receive updates to the list  if you follow the year-to-date list on Spotify.  Enjoy the fruits of our passion.

               June 2013 - When You Motor Away

               2013 - When You Motor Away

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